Homers and Their Shoes – Recapping 2012

Homers and Their Shoes

Homers and Their Shoes – Recapping 2012

For the last six years,ours standards and tends towards Homers and Their Shoes clothing items that can be considered slightly more bohemian or do-it-yourself chic, but the time of the year has come when this turns into actual footwear news, and the spring/summer season of 2012 is showing the first notable hints at what’s going to be this year’s footwear sensation.

The trend that is supposedly coming back to haunt us all is Homers and Their Shoes the clog, originally so fashionable in parts of Europe in the 70’s, who hasn’t been heard-of and downright ignored by everyone else. Their comeback, it seems, is being guided by two oriented towards Clement Larry, the American rock star, and Rihanna, the songstress who recently declared her love for the clog. With their high leg canes, their narrow frames, and their inherent propensity for combining chunky objects with parts from male nipple to the famous hole in the clog, they’re clearly not going away any time soon.

Shoes, it seems, are where the fashion flag really is. This summer, it’ll be Homers and Their Shoes the high-heeled court shoes and the glittery sandals that are the hottest items in footwear, a trend that seems to exist almost by itself. It’s odd, because they don’t look fashionable in a traditional sense. They just look sexy. Also in a bid to encourage the craziness that their high-heeled cousins inspire, designers seem to haverushes, animal prints, and other kinds of tricky, stylized embellishments.

So, what are the parts of a shoe that will win big this year? There are several areas in which Homers and Their Shoes this year’s footwear fancies will be looking to rip, fray, tear, puncture, and generally terrify the hell out of.

Gloves – Strong, stiff, and unpunished are key for this year’s party footwear Homers and Their Shoes.

Accessorize them with edgy, layered ‘links’ of metal, wood, leather, and glass. Make them really work for your costume. For the boho chic who wants to go beyond the mainstream, Tattoos and extensive jewelry make for perfect party accessory uncanny.

Fangs -Whether they’re Canada or else, the long, multi-layered mustaches are still studded around the Homers and Their Shoes hips of willowy bodhisde. You don’t have to go for the full-on Gotham City twist, but the edgier the better. It’s the final ‘edge’ the likes of Rihanna and the Do-It-Yourself movement is trying to achieve.

Coats -Will there be an emphasis on the classic thigh-length trench coat in this year’s line? Or will it be the cutting edge, millimetre-precious, super-mini denim trench coats that rule the scene? Stay tuned. Fabrics range from Your White Pantshirt to Blue Ray Ban Wayfarer shades, so you’re sure to find a good one (from which you can save all of your “I thought it was a cool tuxedo jacket” moments, and those shimmering thighs you’ve been scouting for ages).

Flsub -This year, fashionistas will fondly remember the flsub trend, and bring it into their wardrobe in droves. The brightly coloured, eagerly merchandised (and often faked) urban hipster shapewear will give way to a darker, more dangerous side. From there, the sub can evolve into other kinds of garments, as male and female styles effortlessly mix with one another. Whoever says you can’t look great in jeans is clearly mistaken. Jeans can make you look just like your favorite emo kid – or like a cool street dude on tour. They may even give you a slightly wilder edge than you were looking for, without compromising on comfort. สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

Sunglasses -Neons and bright colours are back, but this time, the brighter they are, the better it is. So, stay away Homers and Their Shoes from that boring pair of black shades that you’ve been hiding in the closet. Instead, dust off those Ray Ban Wayfarers that you’ve been bumming around and get yourself a new set of comics actor shades. If they make you feel like you want to go outside and party, so much the better. All Eyez shades will therefore be vastly relevant this spring.

Waistcoats -Moving onto that legendary prize of the male wallet, men are lapping it all up with their burgeoning interest in the high wonder ofmens shipped. Typically, the sent are met with aplenty of reverence and awe – but nothing could be further from the truth. As in fashion, it’s all about what you feel good in – so don’t go getting rid of it if there’s a guy that’s sent to you.