‘Inbetween’ performed live

Although a massive team contributed to  our recent Rich Mix performance, the stars of the show were the musicians on stage. Arthur Lea and Camilo Menjura, two excellent musicians and long-time collaborators provided the musical backing for two amazing singers to flex their mad skills. Catch a snippet of Junior Williams and Fola Philip dueting on a track called ‘Inbetween’ here. I’m so proud of this track – I adore the fact that I can now compose lyrics and melodies, and then give the whole tune over to professionals who can take it to the next level.

I really like the lyrics to this tune:

She set a course

and climbed aboard

She rigged the sail

and sailed abroad

And then a storm -

call it a gift -

It set her flimsy boat adrift

Directionless and rudderless

And now she’s got no anchor. Bless!


And though its hard to drift without

A mast to pin her tattered sighs

And though she feels bereft; alone

In endless, unforgiving skies

She understands we all climb rocks

In search of lies we’ll label home

She’s living more courageously

Than most of us have ever known

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