News from Mangoland

I’ve been missing in action – soz. Lots aguan… in India, Bandish Projekt released a 7 track ‘EP’ which we’ve been brewing up for a while: listen here, purchase here.

I’ll be working in Nigeria this November, cooking up some music with this excellent project. My trip is funded by the British Council.

I”m developing a project called Songs of Immigrants and Experience. Eventually it will be a novel, but first will come a live show and an album, which I hope to finish in 2017. There’s a great team behind the project, which is currently supported by Arts Council England. This year, supporting partners include Southbank Centre and Rich Mix, both in London. I delivered a work-in-progress of the show at Southbank Centre last month; here’s a nice review. I’ll be performing the next version at Rich Mix on Sept 30th, and releasing an EP on the same day. One track’s finished; my old mucker, Bobby Friction, was kind enough to play it when he sat in on Jarvis Cocker’s BBC Radio 6 show recently. Listen to the track here.



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