Post show feedback on Superheroines

Last Friday, I presented a work in progress of a new piece of work ‘Superheroines I Have Known & Loved’ at Rich Mix in London.

Funded by the Arts Council, directed by Hetain Patel, featuring actress Delia Remy and a string quartet led by Amy May, the show was sold out.

As a work in progress, key to development for the future is listening to feedback from trusted others; A good (though heated) Q & A after the show was the beginning to this process.

All members of the audience received a book I published to accompany the show, which featured illustrations by Eugenia Loli.

One of the dilemmas surrounding the creative team was what to focus on, and to build the show around; should the show be for adults, or children? In the end, we reached a compromise which wasn’t perfect, but adequate for this stage in the process. The book was filled with children’s poetry, and the most well received parts of the show were spoken word pieces for adults, set to Amy’s brilliant score.

I look forward to speaking to many of the trusted friends who came to support the show, to receive their feedback on the presentation.


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