It’s Just Begun

Today’s the birthday of the most intensely brilliant, paradoxical, radiant, generous man I have ever met. We only hung out for a short time, and then passed away, shuffling off this mortal coil like only a dancer could; a trishul-tripod-trickster two-stepping into the void. We got wild on the dancefloor in his house a couple of times to Jimmy Castor’s “It’s Just Begun”, hence the title of this poem. Peace out, Professor. Miss you, homie.

I grieved – I felt bereaved – bereft -
I lit a flame for those who left

I sent them wishes on the breeze -
My love was carried over seas

Wild was the wind that stormy night –
My wishes filled the sky with light

And though the past can’t be undone –
Perhaps their journey’s just begun

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