Chicoco Radio, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Supported by Arts Council England’s ‘Artist’s International Development Fund’, I travelled to Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s oil capital, to launch Sessions in the Shed, a music-making and movement-building project in Port Harcourt’s waterfront slums. I worked with over 45 artists over a two-week intensive project, which included poetry workshops, song composition, music production training, tree planting, radio shows and live performances.

The project culminated in the writing and production of a re-working of a classic Fela Kuti tune, No Agreement, this time imagined from a feminist perspective, in the global drive towards gender equality. The track will be released at a future date, but lyrics to the song, and how it came about, can be found by clicking the below links – I highly recommend you dip into the below documents, for a window into my remarkable time with the brilliant people of Chicoco Radio!

Click the following link to see a summary of the project, accompanied by some great images: Chicoco_SiS-Shane_Solanki-AIDF-Image_Report-270217-MedRes

If you like what you see and would like to explore a more in-depth analysis of my trip, have a look at this! Chicoco_SiS-Shane_Solanki-AIDF-Report-270217-MedRes