No 1 Thames

For an aeon, I’ve been sitting back, considering how best to put work into the world.

I’ve been struggling; whether to relinquish to new forms (digital, online), or whether to resist the tides, and focus on something less ethereal, less transient (like  albums released on vinyl, novels and poetry collections released in print).

Much of my struggle is captured in Robin Sloane’s excellent ‘Fish’.

I’ve dreamt of making my poetry more accessible, by using sound and image. I’ve dreamt of interactive digital poetry. It’s almost here. ‘Fish’ uses technology harnessed by Tapestry; I’ve used Tapestry to create poems like No.1 Thames.

It’s such a shame I’ve just discovered Tapestry, given that the platform is closing its doors in two weeks… I wonder what will rise in its place?